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Poster: He Live's Date: Feb 26, 2008 12:08pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: THE ALBUM SERIES: putting the feeling back in it -- FROM THE HEART MUSIC

welcome to.... the best album you never heard: WYNTON MARSALIS - LEVEE LOW MOAN

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Wynton Marsalis: trumpet
Marcus Roberts: piano
Wessell Anderson: alto saxophone
Todd Williams: tenor and soprano saxophone
Reginald Veal: bass
Hernin Riley: drums

DON'T worry about what you think. because this will change everything. forget about LINCOLN CETER. forget about the big rambling projects that seek to take in many aspects of our culture and filter them through an over-intellectualized THEATRE PRODUCTION. no no. this is just straight up MUSIC FROM THE SOUL -- i like the "snoopy" record too -- but THIS is the only recording Wynton has made that REALLY MATTERS, (at least to me). this is some serious emotional genius trip.... this album comprises the beauty of PREMEDITATED NEW ORLEANS ENSEMBLE INTERPLAY and the craftiness of NEW YORK JAZZ SENSIBILITY -- all mixed with a healthy dose of the down home blues......

no, i NEVER WANTED to hear wynton marsalis. he i s a galvanizing figure, but misunderstood, perhaps. he is from NEW ORLEANS. from an incredibly talented musical family. and he has incredibly strong opinions, and those are, perhaps, misunderstood too. what is jazz? who cares, anyway? honestly, the answer doesn't matter if you don't care, and if you do, you already know, and if it's not the answer you were looking for, the answer you find will suit you perfectly well. because it matters to you.

but that is a bunch of bullshit. the proof is in the pudding, or the listening and the feeling. and that's what you get here: PURE PUDDING..... dress it up anyway you like. it ain't nothin' but.... what it is.... emotion expressed in musical terms, in a self-referrential musical language. that may be the language of the blues, or popular song, or the music's own language of self-defining parameters. the song's narrative is laid out in the opening bars and then the story unfolds:

so this is jazz, huh:


i can listen to that trumpet solo 1,000 times and still i get enjoyment out of every turn of phrase. talk about purposeful playing, there are no stray notes in this music... these guys are VERY ONPOINT.... they have something to say and get it said. what wonderful rich sounds come from the bass and drums.... THE WHOLE BAND IS JUST KILLIN' IT!

if you're diggin', here's [...] jig's jig, for your further downloading pleasure

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